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Hi RK,

Very well done. I am impressed with your professional write up with all supporting documents. Well done.

CEO – IT Staffing Company

Hi Nirmala,

Wanted to drop a quick word to let you know that we are very happy with your attention to detail and speed. And you are always willing to accommodate any special requests.

Thanks so much for all you do and I look forward to our continued partnership.


Hi Sudhir,

I recently availed your services for my U.S tax return and I am delighted with the services provided by Pradhan.

The speed with which he compiled the tax return is very much appreciated. From start to finish, everything happened in a few hours.

I was dreading doing my returns since I am in India and doing taxes here as well and thought it would be a long, complicated process.

However, he was a great help in quickly giving me the list of docs and put the return together.
He then went over the return explaining everything clearly.



I wanted to acknowledge Pramod for his dedication and timely response every time I have asked him papers for our refinancing. He ALWAYS has sent me info in a quick manner no matter if it is repeat request. So Thank you So much PRAMOD. I really appreciate you.

Per the advice of loan processor/officer, We will need to file the extension for personal income tax (Phew ! I get extra time now !!) so please let me know What info I need to give if we need to pay anything if we have not paid enough in quarterly taxes already.

Pramod and your staff keeps up with this type of info:)
I am very pleased with My tax filer & their staff’s dedication & Keep up the good work. I refer you guys all the time.

Mr & Mrs. Shah

Hi Rajiv,

This is my 3rd year with your firm and all these years I got very good response, solution and service.
May my God pardon me if anytime I denied that. You & your team (Madhusha) were very prompt in support and update at all successive phases of filing.

Thank you very much and will look forward the same in the coming years too.
Please have my observations shared in our portal so that our people can make use of mytaxfiler service.

Thanks and Regards,
Krishna R

How do you select a tax service firm that will be there when you need it? You test them out one by one and stick with the one that responds to your needs all year around.

For me, Mytaxfiler is undoubtedly that firm. They area group for smart, sharp and knowledgable individuals who just happen to be really good people.

And did I mention, each of them are highly qualified inthe work they do. It’s a no brainer – as they say.

Thanks and Regards,
Mathur N, CEO – VC Firm

Hi Sudhir,

I completed my tax filings for 2015. I want to take a minute and appreciate the excellent service rendered by Guru, Nirmala and Chaitra in my tax preparation and my QB activities.

I like to extend special thanks to Guru for his due diligence in preparing my taxes and making me understand how and why we have to do certain things in certain way.

Initially I was little hesitant when Guru assigned my QB work to offshore personnel but it turned out to be an excellent experience. Nirmal and Chitra both are pretty knowledgeable in understanding my corporation reporting needs and suggested the ways to setup my books. Their attention to detail helped in accurate accounting of my corporate activities. Both of them went extra mile by accommodating flexible timings to discuss details they needed to complete QB work.

All in All my experience with your company this year is more than what I expected. This enhanced / reiterated my confidence in using your company services or to recommend to someone without hesitation. Thank you Guru, Nirmala and Chaitra.

Thanks and Regards,
Bala P

Hi Sudhir,

As you know, I have been doing my taxes all these years. Even though I am an accountant by education, I was not doing an optimal job at this as this is not my main occupation. The reason I did not go to any CPA firm is because I was under the impression that most of the work for small clients like me will be handled by inexperienced people. Hence I was very skeptical when I came to your firm. But now, after working with your team, my opinion is completely changed. She was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I would like to have her do my returns in the future years also.

Thanks and Regards,

Hello Sudhir,

I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for Murali. He was truly a gem to work with.

His knowledge, guidance, dedication and patience are very commendable which is what clients expect from a professional.

We faced some challenges on account of lack of data on calculation of capital gain on Indian stock sold in 2014. It caused me all time delay in filing my US returns in the last 5 years, which finally we’re going to e-file tomorrow. But, Murali’s guidance and help made my life little easy, and from 2016 onward I’m hoping to be back on track to file returns in January itself having clean slate now!

You’ve an excellent team with outstanding professionals.!! I can’t imagine myself having my IRS work done where.Thankyou.else

Best regards,Vyas


I wanted to pass on my feedback about the services rendered and in particular to mention the support given by Ravi Y. I am a retuning customer year on year and the credit goes to Ravi and his team for their professional approach and support throughout the process. Ravi comes with good understanding on his clients, taxation rules and has a great passion & dedication towards helping the clients. He follows up (even at odd working hours) at regular intervals to ensure we complete the tax filing on time. He is a great example for leadership, customer focus and content. I hope his strengths are utilized in your organization to mentor your teams in succession.

Thought of sharing my personal experience. Do let me know if you have any specific queries.

Best regards,Venky

Dear Sudhir,

When things don’t work, people escalate but I thought I should mail you even when everything has gone beyond delight.

Just to let you formally know that I am delighted at the service level from your Bayarea team. They have been a great to work with. Patient to explain each Q, knowledgeable and empathetic towards my complexity. Best is if they didn’t know something, they came back after research and not consider “I know everything”.

Excited that I moved from my previous CPA to you. Am enjoying the feeling. Thanks a ton to all of you. I have already referred your services. Word by mouth will continue

Best regards,Satish K

Hi Sudeep,

I wanted to drop in a quick note of appreciation for Nithya. She has been extremely diligent and has gone the extra mile in the process of filing my FBAR. I appreciate her promptness in delivering the work, courteousness and diligence in following up.

Needless to say, its experiences like this that keeps me coming back to mytaxfiler for all my tax needs.


Hi Supriya/Sudhir,

I want to inform you about how easy to work with Ramakrishna for my 2013 taxes.

I am MyTaxFiler customer since 2009 and I felt it is my responsibility to let you know, this year tax filing is much easy and more professional. I worked with Ramakrishna for my business and personal 2013 taxes and he is knowledgeable and did show good patience to explain and understand customer needs. He truly deserves a pat on his shoulder.


Hi Guru,

I needed a competent and knowledgeable party to perform my accounting, advice me on compliance and further complete all compliance in the US professionally and at an proper cost. We are a start-up company and hence need professional as well as cost effective support. Also, I was looking for a partner and not just a vendor.

Global value add has been all that for me. They communicate well, understand my needs, and work with me to complete regulatory and compliance. It has been a pleasure to deal with them. I wish them all the best.


Dear My Tax Filer Team,

I would like to really appreciate the work done by “Mr Bharath Kumar Narasimhaiah” in filing my Tax returns as he displayed great worksmanship and diligence in answering the queries , responding in time and overall doing a splendid job in filing the Tax returns. It is nice to work with My Tax Filer because of employees like Barath.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Sudhir,Gangraj,

Good Morning!

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the work of Murali and his team. This year, I wanted to complete the submission of my returns before first week of February, which I informed Murali well in advance in Dec’13. I submitted all my docs by 15-Jan and in two weeks of time, I receive a set of my Federal + State+ PFIC +FBAR for my review.

With minimal iterations, I’m glad to achieve my target date of filing returns which couldn’t have been possible without hard work, efficient, and goal-oriented approach from Murali and team. Special thanks to Murali for his gentle and client-oriented attitude.

I had started my first year with Sudhir before 3 years when I was in Dallas, and each year then after is filled with satisfied experience, which I would like to continue in future.

Thanks & Regards

Good Afternoon,

I would like to appreciate Naveen who was very helpful though out my contacts with MyTaxFiler regarding my IT filings. All my small to silly questions were answered by him patiently which made me comfortable and at ease. He was very pro-active as well during our discussions as a result i am sort of knowledgeable now. During my first year of filing, it was Prasanna who helped me, even his efforts are truly appreciated. I am totally convinced with the services given by MyTaxfiler and its Team which includes people like Naveen, Sumalatha and Prasanna.

Thanks & Regards

I wanted to thank you and your staff (Siddesh) for the great service provided. Despite being out of the country and almost missing my IRS deadline, you guys did a terrific job and were able to turn around my return.

Sat N

Thanks Sudhir ji. You have wonderful team and it is my prime duty to appreciate their timely help if they have done it when it was required. I have requested your team to let me know how much and how to pay filing fee. He had mentioned, I was the first person to file the return this year and I want to be the first person to pay you filing fee for efforts your team have invested.

Mr. Dighe

It was wonderful experience and thrilled with promptness. I’ve already started sharing the good things about mytaxfiler with my colleagues, friends and relatives.

Samir, LNT InfoTech

“We would like to express our appreciation for your incredible service. Business valuation business services rendered to us was extremely professional, helpful & proactive. We will continue referring any of our business associates and friends/relatives to MyTaxFiler, who are looking for honest, reasonable priced and great customer service oriented professionals.”

Technical Director
Cable TV Industry

“Global Value Add assisted me with incorporating a LLC in Illinois, which was a biggest challenge made easy for an entrepreneur. The proccess was very timely, cost effective, accurate and hassle free. The staff was always available to answer queries and were very helpful. I would definitely recommend their services to others and also use them for future business needs.”

Jory Lannes
CEO of G.T.B. Services Inc

“I’ve an overall satisfied experience with MyTaxFiler team which comprise of experts qualified tax consultants/prepares. Their expertise helped me get more refund than what I expected, and also assisted for new year tax planning. I’m pretty much impressed by the professional services rendered by you and your team, and would like to continue be your client for future.”