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Our Tax professionals are trained to compute taxes on Salary Income, House Property, Business &Profession, Capital Gains, and Other sources.
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Indian Tax Return Filing

Indian Tax Return Filing Services

Starting assessment year 2008-09, mytaxfiler® has provided Indian TaxationServices to Income earners in India (Residents, Non Residents, Expats & Inpats).

Our Services include –

  • Professional Preparation of Taxes returns (ITR -1 to 8 )
  • Application of advanced Tax Planning Strategies
  • Timely E-Filing & Paper Filing of the tax returns
  • Tax Representation in front of Statutory Authorities
  • Discounts & Dedicated/Designated Concierge for Corporate groups

GVA processes enables clients to file a Preparer prepared Tax return right from the desktop, by a click of the mouse, using PAN number and Password provided created on the IT department’s website. We also offer end to end customized solutions in form of convenient packages, that lets our clients, just submit the required details, and the rest is handled by GVA. It includes preparation of the return, filing the return using our network of agents or client’s digital signature.

Our Tax professionals are trained to compute taxes on all the 5 sources of Income i.e. Income from Salary, House Property, Business and Profession, Capital Gains, and Income from Other sources. We also carry expertise in returns with clubbed income, Stock option transactions, NR Tax returns, requiring understanding of DTAA for expats, Advance tax issues etc.

Take advantage of the e-filing program offered by Indian IT Department – Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate and E-File your tax return today!

Visit our Research & Insights page to learn more about Indian and Global Tax laws.

Check out our solutions, and experience our Process by clicking on the start button –

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