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Do you own personal property in India for productive use in a trade, business or investment? Get your question answered by one of our Experts
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1031 Exchange

Do you own real or personal property in India held for productive use in a trade, business or investment? Are you considering selling and researching the US federal and state capital gains tax consequences? Is your intent to replace with like-kind real or personal property within 180 calendar days of the initial closing? Allow us to accommodate a 1031 exchange and defer the US and India capital gains tax.Atlas 1031 Exchange has partnered with Global Value Add, Inc dba MYTAXFILER (GVA) to accommodate Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges for taxpayers subject to US federal capital gains taxes in India. GVA is headquartered in Frisco, Texas, with multiple offices in the United States and Bangalore, India.

What makes this strategy different from other Qualified Intermediary firms is:

  • Exchange proceeds are held in Indian Rupees in an Indian bank avoiding the risk of loss and expense associated with exchange rates to US dollars.
  • Best of breed secure funds management is deployed requiring dual signature authorization to disburse funds, one from the Exchangor and the other from the Certified Exchange Specialist on staff at Atlas 1031 Exchange. Exchange funds are held in separate, non-commingled accounts with Nationalized and/or private banks in India.

GVA provides:

  • An unique blend of global tax knowledge offering tax advisory covering both the US and India taxation.
  • Global tax planning resulting in big tax savings.

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