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MyTaxFiler provides corporate forms and kits. Each form includes detailed instruction on how and when to use it.
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Corporate Forms and Kits

Mytaxfiler® provide you instant access to the most common forms you need. Legal Attorneys can charge anywhere from $75 – $250 per hour in helping you with the preparation of these documents. We create, review and update all the available corporate forms mentioned below for just $9.99. In addition, each form includes detailed instruction on how and when to use it.
  • Affidavit of Lost Document
  • Affidavit of Non-Court Creditor’s Claim
  • Agreement to Allow Disclosure of Financial Information
  • Employee stock option (ESOP)agreement
  • Restricted stock unit (RSU) plan
  • Drafting of Board Resolutions & Minutes
  • Assumption of Obligations and Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Bill of Sale (Mobile Home)
  • Bill of Sale (Motor Vehicle)
  • Bill of Sale (Personal Property or Goods)
  • Bill of Sale to Joint Tenancy (Personal Property or Goods)
  • Certificate of Right to Business under Alternative Name
  • Commercial Negotiable Promissory Note
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Consignment Agreement
  • Continuing Agreement
  • Contract (General Purpose)
  • Contractual Bill of Rights for U.S.
  • Credit Application by Business
  • Credit Application by Individual
  • Credit Sale Transactional Record
  • General and Mutual Release
  • General Provisions of Security Agreement (UCC-7)
  • Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Limited Guarantee
  • Notice of Cancellation of Home Solicitation
  • Notice of Default or Breach of Agreement
  • Notice of Default of Debtor (UCC-15)
  • Notice of Termination of DBA
  • Pledge Security Agreement
  • Revocation of Guarantee
  • Truth in Lending Negotiable Promissory Note
  • Non Disclosure agreements

We can also help you customized forms for your business. Contact us by writing to and one of our associates will get in touch with to understand your requirements in detail.

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