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MyTaxFiler review contracts, identify opportunities, saves leakage on invoices, credit penalties and other financial metrics.
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Commercial Contract Review & Negotiation

Once a commercial contract is entered with a third party, it becomes a vital and crucial activity to ensure the project is moving as per the terms and condition mentioned in contract. We at GVA are equipped to provide this assurance by:

  • We will examine transaction on daily basis. Compare the actual operation with the cost information mentioned in the contract.
  • Read down the actual control processed and how the all element of contracts are functioning.
  • Identify the loopholes or areas of where advice is required.

Our Services:
Our association for this review would install and integrated approach:

  • Review contracts and identify opportunities
  • Review existing contracts and contractual commitments and seek to find cost savings leakage on invoices, credit penalties and other financial metrics
  • Conduct service provider performance assessment, identify issues and provides options/recommendations
  • Establish risk mitigation strategies for cost impacting risk factors
  • Develop roadmap to improve commercial control, mitigate contract risks and minimize value leakage

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