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MyTaxFiler - we’re there for your business at every step of the way. Our business services help you get started.
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Business Services

At MyTaxFiler®, we’re there for your business every step of the way. Our business and non-profit formation services help you get started. Then, we’ll work with you to process your payroll, complete your taxes, and manage your books. If you need a partner who can act as a registered agent on your behalf or make sure you are complying with regulations, we’re here to help. You can lean on us as much as you need.

We support your business as it grows, with stress-free ways to improve efficiency, remain cost effective, and grow your bottom line.

Our experienced and well-trained team are available to answer your questions and solve your problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Business and Non-Profit Formation

Starting a business isn’t easy, but MyTaxFiler can help. Whether it be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a foundation, we provide advice and assistance to find the option that’s right for you.

Registered Agent and Virtual Office

As the registered agent for your business, we function as its legal address and receive any important documents on its behalf. If you are a startup, consider adding our virtual office service. We provide you with a physical address in any city within the United States. Then, we sort the mail and upload soft copies to your MyTaxFiler account. Additional premium services (such as handling customer orders and billing) are also available.

Corporate Compliance

Our team of highly-experienced and knowledgeable specialists can make sure that your business complies with today’s complex corporate regulations. Let MyTaxFiler assist you with our bookkeeping, taxation, and financial consulting or investigative services.

Book Keeping

With MyTaxFiler, you can rest assured that your company’s books are in good hands. Whether it be periodic updates, full-time records maintenance, or custom management reports, our well-trained experts focus on quality, accuracy, and timeliness to meet your bookkeeping needs.

Payroll Processing

Allow MyTaxFiler to process your payroll so you can focus your time and energy where it should be – managing your business. We offer guaranteed accurate payroll calculations for all business types and sizes, including all federal, state, and local taxes. .

Early and Advanced Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is important for your financial success. As experienced tax consultants, we can help you understand the applicable laws and regulations and use them to your advantage. Our team applies our knowledge of the changing tax rules to help you make the best business and personal decisions to reduce your tax bill. If you are a high net-worth individual or have business / self-employment income, there are various tax planning strategies.

Business Taxation Services

The dedicated and qualified tax experts at MyTaxFiler provide comprehensive tax solutions to our corporate clients. From multinational companies to non-for-profit organizations to family businesses, let our experience work for you. Wherever you do business, we can help – with tax strategy, planning, compliance, and preparation services.

Corporate Forms and Kits

MyTaxFiler can create, review, and update the common corporate forms your business needs, for a fraction of the cost that lawyers charge. Also available are standard or customized corporate kits, with all the corporate seals, certificates, stamps, ink pads, and seals that you need to get your business started quickly.

Virtual CFO or Finance Controller

When MyTaxFiler is your virtual CFO or Finance Controller, we’re there for you whenever you need us – 24/7. You benefit from our strategic financial advice and our strong relationships with banks and insurance companies. When you use us, we give you the extra edge when negotiating and finalizing deals.

Bank Account & Nominee Director

If you’re thinking of opening a bank account for a company that you incorporated offshore, MyTaxFiler can help. Using our relationships with major banks in Canada, England, India, and the United States, we can ensure legal requirements are met and documents are submitted properly.

Business Valuation

When you hire MyTaxFiler for your business valuation, we act as your advisor and involve you in the process. We facilitate discussions with an appropriate industry specialist to determine a suitable and fair value for your business, all in a timely fashion. Our talented team has the right certification and the right experience to assist you with this important task.

Cost Segregation Studies

With our cost segregation study services, we can reduce your tax burden by studying your fixed assets and determining if any can be depreciated now. We’re skilled at this complicated process, and our deep knowledge of it puts us in the right position to save you money on your next tax return.

Commercial Contract Review & Negotiation

MyTaxFiler is well equipped to handle the review and negotiation of all of your commercial contracts. We make sure quoted costs match actual costs. We review contracts and look for opportunities to save you money. We even evaluate the performance of your service providers and suggest improvements.

Notary Public Services

We can act as a notary public, whenever, and wherever, you need one. Using only the latest tools and technology, and our experience with all types of signings, makes the process painless for you. We can ship the notarized documents back overnight or drop them off personally. Just place your order online, and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

Charity and Non-Profit Foundation Formation

Starting a nonprofit organization can be an inspiring way to give back to your community and help those in need. However, it is important to understand all the steps involved in this process before moving forward, and MyTaxFiler can help. Growing and sustaining a nonprofit may take years of effort and a great deal of determination, we provide advice and assistance to find the option that’s right for you.

Social Security Totalization

The professionals at MyTaxFiler understand the international totalization agreements that eliminate double Social Security taxation. If you have employees who divide their careers between the United States and other countries, we can protect them and their benefits.

PAN and Income Tax

MyTaxFiler can help you apply for a company permanent account number (PAN), allowing you to do business in India. We can also help you understand income tax requirements in India and assist with your quarterly returns and annual filings.


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