TAX PLANNING | FILING | REPRESENTATION for Businesses and Individuals | Overview
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MyTaxFiler® provides you with top-quality tax and consulting services, so you are free to shine at what you do best – manage your business. From income tax solutions, business formation payroll processing to business consulting and corporate taxation services, MyTaxFiler offers end-to-end financial solutions for businesses and individuals in the United States.

We run on a foundation of integrity and trust, with a commitment to customer service and quality.

Our primary agenda: Commitment to our Values, Integrity, Legal Compliance, Knowledge, Excellent Service, and Repeat Business. We encourage feedback and take all suggestions for improvement very seriously.

We make it our aim to be accessible, efficient, responsive, technologically sophisticated and maintain the highest standards of professional service. This is what sets us apart and makes a difference in every endeavor we engage in.

What our logo represents

The two smaller boxes represent MyTaxFiler’s primary client targets; small business owners and individual tax/ finance clients. The two are fortified/supported by the tall upright rectangle which represents MyTaxFiler’s expertise, strength, and commitment to uphold and protect its clients’ interests. 

We used orange for vibrancy and fresh thinking, while blue is a nod to tradition and stability. Green represents both the cost saving you provide your clients along with the increase in cash flow or savings thanks to your smart coaching. 

A fun and progressive story to match the excitement of your business’ growth!

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